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Our Product: Demos and Information

Organize Quotation, Order and Invoice.

Desktop Overview

Scenario: Who Ordered This?

Multi Express offers many unique features that other accounting packages do not. Highlighted on this page are some of the most distinctive aspects of this software, giving you a real idea of how Multi Express can benefit your business, even if you are already using another solution. Click the thumbnails on the right to view demos of the product in action.

Each area of multi express is based around the concept of a desktop. Each Desktop acts as your home for whichever function you are using. In particular the Desktop provides searching, cataloguing and referencing abilities, and share a similar look and feel, meaning that once you understand how to use one, you can quickly pick up another.

Information on Demand
From anywhere in Multi Express, you can get the information you require. Whilst in the inventory you can see orders, while in orders you can see purchases, and so on. Everything is organized in a way that allows you to quickly and easily retrieve the data you need, without having to return to the Main Panel.

History Overview
Multi Express keeps a history of sales and purchases, and can present this data in a number of useful ways. You can guage the performance of each item per month, allowing you to eliminate badly performing stock, or solve problems such as over-ordering. Multi Express also keeps this data quick and easy to retrieve, invoice details are simplified to just one line per item.

Search Tools
One of the major strengths of Multi Express is it's powerful search tools. You can search Orders by Customer or Company Name, Item, Barcode and more. These search tools allow you to search on many different levels using many different fields. The flexibility of these powerful search tools provides you with convenience, speed, and reliability.

Inventory Desktop and Dashboard
Quantity Statistics, Prices and Codes are all quickly accessible on the inventory desktop. Combined with the search capabilities, this makes looking up item information very fast and easy.

Multi Express is designed to reduce the time between receiving an order and completing it, allowing you to satisfy your customers and increase your sales capacity.

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